The Best Blogger Award #2

December 21, 2014
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny :)

Some of you might be a bit annoyed, because I'm doing this Blogger Award again lol But my wonderful and beautiful friend Mindy tagged me again and I couldn't resist to answer them haha^^
Don't worry! I won't make only awards! Stay tuned for a bunch of new posts! I'm currently working on them :) Vacation gives me a lot of time for working on my blog *yeah*

My questions from Mindy:

1. What/Who is the most precious thing/person to you?
I don't know really.... A very hard question to answer! All of my family members and friends mean the world to me! (Exo of course,too lol) They have accepted my true self and have supported me through every situation in my life, which were full of joy or sadness. I can't be more thankful :)

2. What's the one thing you regret the most in your life?
I regret quitting dancing! It haunts me down everytime I see a kpop artist dancing!To see how they perfectly dance to the music, how every part of their body moves to the beat.... I had started dancing at the age of 10, but after 1-2 years I skipped. Well, that stupid boy bullied me and I didn't want to continue, because I was afraid of him :/ Sounds somehow sad.... Now I'm trying to teach myself dancing again^^ I may not be the best, but I try to be better! I'm currently learning the choreography to Red Velvet's " Be Natural". I'm half way through it :) So I've learnt that you should never skip something, even though you feel unwell. Just endure the pain a bit and you will rise to success.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'm going to be 26. Hmmm...... I won't be married xD.... I will live in Seoul, maybe? I haven't planned my life yet. I would like to get married around 28...

4. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why?
I hate my metabolism!! My sister can eat everything and she won't get fat. And then there's me....I gain weight very easily *sobs* That's why I need to control my weight with dieting and exercising. I would change that

5. What would you probably be like if you were born as a boy, give a description haha
Even though that I am a girl. I'm pretty manly xD Okay to be more exactly I was haha....  Yeah I was a tomboy in kindergarten lol. I would still like Kpop and be an Ulzzang boy haha not a very handsome one :D I would suit the description of my ideal type^^

6. Would you rather have a brutally honest friend or a friend who lies to protect you?
Honesty is a basic of a real friendship. Without being honest to each other, you cannot build a friendship. The friendship is built of lies and trust issues. So I would rather have a brutally honest friend.

7. What are you passionate about?
I have a strong passion about skincare products! I love to talk about them and trying new ones out!! I'm skincare addicted! To be honest my love in acting grows more and more everyday! I love how to change into a new character. Express his feelings and movements. Acting is one of my huge passions.

8. Give a description of your boyfriend/crush/ideal type!

I already did that on my last Award^^ You can check it out! :) My Ideal Type

9. Cat or dog?
Both. XD I can't choose between them two! The cat is so fluffy and sweet, but the dog is amazing and wahhhhhhhhhhh I don't know....They both have their benefits :)

10. Three features you get complimented on alot!
They say that I'm an ambitious person, who works hard. (mostly teachers say that lol)
My family members and friends keep telling me how white and soft my skin, which I care about a lot, is. I noticed that in Asia they pay more attention to the skin. So that's why the skincare products are a lot better there, too!
My friends like my weird humor haha And how I laugh about every stupid thing!! I can't stop myself^^

11. Your favorite book or quote?

항상 과거만 생각한다면 더 나은 내일은 가질 수가 없다.

-"You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time."

Love, Jenny


  1. Thanks for answering my questions, Jenny!!! ♥ I think your answers are quite interesting haha. I love the quote and its nice to know a little more about you! I didn't know that you were in some kind of dance class a couple of years ago! Good luck on learning dancing again! Are you going to record your dance? I would love to watch you dance tbh XD Oh and I'm sure you will be able to go to Seoul in 10 years haha. and hopefully you will marry Chanyeol 2 years after that lol~~

    1. You're welcome :)! I love answering your questions, which were perfectly chosen!~ Oh yeah that was a long time ago o.o It's one of my biggest mistake tbh....Thanks for supporting me my dear :3 I feel insecure about my dancing, because I'm just learning to move and control my body again! It's very hard to remember the choreography >< Especially the fast ones like Beast's "Good Luck"!! Oh you should go with me and be one of my bridesmaid at the wedding lol

  2. I am so with you on that metabolism thing T-T I just want to eat delicious fatty food and have a sexy body. hahaha

    1. The world is unfair, isn't it? >< Just let me eat those brownies, without getting fat *sobs*

  3. oh my, that kitten is adorable!

    from helen at

  4. I really loved reading this Jenny! I'm glad to learn more about girls through Q&A, Tags and blog awards! I've received SO MANY blog awards but I have never gotten around to doing almost all of them...Bad me! You're still so young! 16 is a great age to pick up your dance again, find the time, book the classes, maybe go with a friend! People will always be cruel and mean because they have nothing better to be! I've always owned dogs my whole life but some years ago I picked up a stray cat and she's been the best! And skincare is truly important, whatever you do, having good skin is the most important because no matter what make up you use it won't make your skin better! So have a good routine and make sure to always remove all your make up properly at night! ^^

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment :) Your comment makes me very happy~ Thank you for your support! ♪ I'm going to try to get back! It will be hard, but it will be worth it!! Yes I agree with you!!
      A stray cat? Wow sounds amazing! I've always wanted to own pets, but my sister is allergic to them >< *sobs*
      You're right! :) Good skin means the world to me haha Yes I will!!


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