Review: True Happiness - Laughing Buddha Set (Rituals)

November 29, 2014

Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny!

Today, I'm reviewing the 'True Happiness -  Laughing Buddha Set' from Rituals, which is an organic cosmetic brand. The founder Raymond Cloosterman's idea was simple: Combining home and body cosmetics  that are made out of  natural, renewable and organic ingredients. And they support also the 'Tiny Miracles Foundation'. For more information: Rituals

What a great company!! I bought the gift set from it, because I wanted to try out the things before buying the bigger products. You could try it out or  make someone happy with it! It's a great christmas present,too!! :) To be honest, I like really the concept of the products. So I couldn't choose to buy what. The 'Sakura Secret' gift set seemed amazing! The ingredients were Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk! Sounds great, huh? Or the 'Tao' collection was with White Lotus and Green Tea! Tao of Exo *_*  You should definitely check out their products!!

So I tried this set out  and it's wonderful! My skin feels really soft and moist!

First I used the foaming shower gel. It smells great and it's extremely foamy.

The foam feels soft and bubbly. You need only a small amount.

Thick and fluffy bubbles!

It's time for the the body scrub!

A rich and moisturizing body scrub! 

Perfect amount of oil: It's not too oily and it will still make your skin feel moist!

After you use the scrub, the body oil is needed!

The oil is not too oily and it sinks in quickly. It doesn't feel greasy.

The last step is the body cream. A great nourishing cream!
It slightly smells lighter as the other products. Nice and clean finish of the body care.

Great uplifting smell for your mood. It contains a lot of vitamin c , which is great for your skin! I made a post about vitamins and their benefits. Vitamins for your Skin
In China the mandarin is considered  as a symbol of prosperity and good luck!

It's a citrus fruit from East Asia. It looks like a grapefruit with an uneven skin. Yuzu has a strong aroma and the oil from it's skin is used a lot.

-organic and natural ingredients
-moisturizing and nourishing
-great smell
-the gift set is convenient
- different collections
-(for some the smell is too heavy)

Final thoughts:
Overall it was a great deal to buy it! It has a lot of benefits and enjoy using it on my lazy days. I will buy the 'Tao' or the 'Sakura' ones soon! And my skin feels super soft!

You can order the sets on their website. They have a sale going on!! The prices are 50 % off! ( 29th-30th November )
True Happiness Gift Set

Question: Do you like the products from 'Rituals'?

Love, Jenny


  1. Awww such a cute company and great products! ^^

    1. Thanks for commenting!!:) Yes, I like their products so much!~

  2. Great review !

  3. Wow, this is a must try! A perfect set!

    Products made of organic ingredients is one of my turn ons!

    You have a good taste on skincare products, thumbs up, Jenny! :)

    JhemSays Beauty

    1. Thank you very much for visiting my blog!! :) I am glad that you like them! Yes organic products are much better for your skin. They don't have chemicals in it, which can harm the skin~ And I like this fact so much haha

    2. Yeah, no worries, Jenny! :)

      God bless!

  4. What a lovely deal for such great quality products ^^

    恵美より ♥


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