Review: Kociety's Tomato Facial Mask

November 02, 2014
No make-up on and I'm still in my pyjamas lol
 Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny!

So I've bought this lovely face mask in Thailand. I found the packaging so cute and  then I bought some of them. They are actually a lot of different ones, but I've chosen the Gluta Mask, the Tomato Mask and the Snail Mask. Unfortunately, I gave the 'Snail Facial Mask' a  friend .-.
And today I tried the 'Tomato Facial Mask' . Tomato has a lot of benefits for your skin. It has a lot of minerals,vitamins and antioxidants, which help adding moisture, fighting acne, adding radiance and helping sun protection  to your skin.

The mask doesn't smell like tomatoes. So I was a little bit confused , because I've thought it would smell like tomatoes. But it smells still nice and clean. It  moistures your skin and the mask doesn't dry out, even after 15 min! I put some of the liquid on the back of my hand and this part feels so soft now.  After the mask, my face felt so clean and soft! Plus, my little sister tried the mask,too. She has really dry skin and her face was so soft after this. It was really surprising! The only little problem was that the mask is a little bit soggy. And I could't open the packaging properly because of that. Or because I'm a fool xD But the mask is still awesome! :) And  it is pretty cheap, too. I paid only 2 $ for one!

-Really moisturizing
-Doesn't dry out
- Not expensive
-Nice smell
-Cute packaging

- Soggy
-No tomato smell

You can order this mask or an other on this website.

And here's the facebook page:
Kociety Facebook

It was nice to try this mask out and listen to Crush's new song 'Sofa' and Zhou Mi's song 'Rewind'! The songs are great! And Chanyeol's rap is amazing!! <3

Question: Would you try the 'Tomato Facial Mask' out?
I would definitely buy them again!



  1. Hi dear! what a lovely review! found your blog through Rachel's and following you now through bloglovin'. :) Hope you can check out mine and follow back.

    1. Hey! Thank you so much :) Of course I will follow you back!! I will let you know on your blog :3

    2. ur welcome dear and thank you for following back :) I can't wait to read your next post :)

    3. I'm busy right now with studying e.e The next post will be published at the weekend. Hopefully~ Thank you!♡

  2. Ohh the packaging is adorable! :3
    So is your blog teehee~ I followed you on Bloglovin! C:

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!:3 I checked out your blog and I like it!♡I followed you back:3

  3. Awww the masks are so cute! Might try these out :') You're very pretty btw ^.^

    I followed you, would love it if you followed back :D

    1. Thanks you so much! You are so pretty!

      I commented of one of your posts :)


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