My October Favorites

November 07, 2014
Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny :) It has been a busy and exhausting October for me .-.  I've studied a lot and the month went by so slowly! Hopefully, this November won't be so stressful! I want to relax a bit and concentrate myself more on my blog! I need a banner and  a new design xD This is going to be tough, because I'm not able to handle the template! Someone must help me please xD 

1.Circle Lenses:
I fell in love with these grey lenses!So comfortable and lovely.They look awesome and I also did a review on this pair. Check it out ~

2.Kociety's Tomato Facial Mask
It was getting cold, so my skin felt a little bit dry.So I decided to try this mask out, which I had bought in Thailand. After the mask, my skin felt so soft! Review

3.Etude House: 'My Castle Forever Rose'
The packaging is so cute!! And it smells breathtaking! This hand cream makes my hands really smooth. <3 I LOVE IT.

4.Maybelline Baby Lips: Cherry Me
Sadly, my lips were getting dry, too! So I went searching for a lipbalm at the nearest drugstore.I love lipbalms with the smell of cherries. <3 I can't resist! It's pretty useful and it smells amazing :)

5.Favorite Song(s) 
This month, there have been a lot of great comebacks! I listened to a lot of songs, but I couldn't my favorite one >< 
Red Velvet-Be Natural
Chen(Exo)- To Heaven ( Cover)
Krystal-All Of A Sudden 
Beast- 12:30
Super Junior- This Is Love
Uniq- Falling In Love (chinese ver.)

6.Favorite TV Show
It's definitely 'My Lovely Girl'! I really like all the actors, especially Myungsoo and Rain *fangirl*  Yesterday was the last episode. So sad.... I really loved watching it!

7.Favorite Quote:
Accurate. It made me laugh so much, because I was most of the time at home without make-up on :D Studying of course :D 

Question: How was your October?

xoxo Jenny

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  1. Very lovely favourites of the month! I love the circle lenses, they look very sweet! ^^

    恵美より ♥



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