Red Velvet's 'Be Natural' Make-Up Tutorial

October 19, 2014

Hey lovely people on the internet!It's me Jenny and I'm back with a Make-Up Tutorial!:) You know already that I'm a HUGE Kpop fan! And I'm totally in love with 'Red Velvet'! They were so cute in 'Happiness'. At first I didn't know what to think of the song.The MV was a lil bit confusing but the song grew on me. The dance is fancy! Lalalalala~Happiness~ I think Joy is the cutest! I adore her!:) But now they are back with a tough and sexy song. 'BE NATURAL', it's remake from the popular girlgroup S.E.S. Not a song where they show some skin, but a confident sexy aura song xD  Lol it sounds so cheesy, I think "sexy aura song" is not a real word.
Be Natural Look

The clothes are kept in mature colors (black,white and red). It somehow looks like a suit. And the make up is kept natural but the eyes draw a lot of attention.Smokey eyes!

You'll need:

Make-Up :
-Angled Brush
-CC Cream/Foundation
-Face Powder
-Black Eyeshadow
-Eyeshadow Base
-Kajal Pencil
-Cotton Stick
-Eyelash Curler
-Soft Pink Lipgloss

Let's Start!

1.Start off with your Foundation,Concealor and Face Powder.Now you have the base for this look.

2.I'm using from my Chanel Palette, the black eyeshadow.

3.First apply an eyeshadow base on your lids.

4.Use an angled brush and apply on the outer half of your lids
the black eyeshadow and then add some eyeshadow on the lower lash line
to create a triangle.

5.After that apply some on the inner part of your lids.

6.Now put some eyeshadow on your lower lash line.


7.Use an eyeliner pencil and apply it on.
It will look smudgy and this creates a more natural look.
Now use a kajal pencil and apply it on your lower waterline.
8.Use a cotton stick and smudge the eyeliner and kajal.
This will soften your look.
9.Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
Then apply a little bit of an orange blush and a pink lipsstick.

10.My finished look! <3

I couldn't choose a few pictures :D Hopefully, you don't mind! Take pictures in black and white and then it's perfect!And I was so happy that Taeyong had the rap part! He's amazing!
Feel like Heaven's Eyes!

Baby Come,Come,Come
I'll be there for you!

Red Velvet's Perfomance @ Inkigayo 141019
Please check their perfomance or MV out!

Question: Who's your favorite member?
As you already know, it's Joy.

Outfits and Perfomance are stunning!
I hope you like my tutorial! <3 xoxo Jenny

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