My September Favorites

October 03, 2014
Hey lovely people on the internet!! It's me Jenny! :) September is gone and I'm kinda sad because this means it's already fall and summer is gone ≧◇≦
The funny thing is that I tend to avoid the sun because I don't want to get tanned, but my favorite season is still Summer :D
I enjoyed my vacation in Thailand,Vietnam and Laos. I was there from 3rd August - 4th September! I've spent a lot of money for clothes and cosmetics haha Now I'm poor T_T

I was in Bangkok,Ubon,Pakse,Hue and Da Nang! I had a great time in Vietnam tbh The people there are so friendly (A post about my Asia trip will follow) 

Here are my September favorites !

1.Etude House Drawing Eyebrow (#2 Grey Brown)
I have natural Asian darkbrown hair and this brow pencil matches my Asian brows perfectly without being too harsh! I've tried a lot of Western ones and they were to harsh.My brows looked unnatural and a lot of my friends mentioned it. But with this eyebrow pencil I create really natural looking brows! Btw I really like the triangular shape where you can use the tip of the pencil for finer strokes and the base for filling in! I bought the pencil in Thailand for 240 baht and it's around 8 US Dollars.
The pencil side

The brush side

2.L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes 'So Couture' Mascara
I really fell in love with this mascara! I'm using it every day! The precise brush suits my Asian lashes really well! My lashes are so short! .-. But the brush creates full lashes and of course long ones ;) And it's long lasting! 

3.Etude House Look At My Eyes (#rd301)
I'm so obsessed with red eyeshadow right now. It looks so amazing in fall! It makes your eyes to have this vampire like aura. Plus it looks super natural! See my latest post about red eyeshadow! Link here! 'cuz you're my shadow,shadow...
4.My Favorite September Song
First I couldn't choose which song is my fav! But then I came to the conclusion....It's definitely so good, so good~
Who doesn't  love this summer song?It's a bright,dance number. Everytime I listen to it, I get this feeling to dance like a fool xD Jay Park is really talented, both in singing and dancing! His voice has this special vibe that keeps me listening to it. And don't forget his abssss lol  This song is Michael Jackson inspired and just awesome! Here's his MV !

5. My Quote of the month:
I found this quote on tumblr. It made me think a lot about myself. And I remember when two 'friends' of mine laughed at me because I changed a lot. They said that I should stop following asian fashion and etc. They critized me for being me and it made me so angry! I told them that I would never change myself.  I don't want to live by the rules and live a normal,boring life! Be yourself and follow your dreams! Stop hanging around with all those fake friends!
So these were my September Favorites!
Question: Did you enjoy September?


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