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October 18, 2014
Jessica Jung- Queen <3

Hey lovely people on the internet! It's me Jenny!

A lot of my friends and relatives keep telling me how gorgeous my skin is. They are just exaggerating :D Somehow I'm blessed with my baby skin ^-^.  So a lot of Asians are obsessed with skin products.They really pay attention to the skin and care about it. In my opinion Asia has the better skin products. They really suit my skin! Maybe 'cause I'm Asian :D Perhaps a lot of you guys have trouble with your skin. And it's super annoying, because your face is the center of everything. So I have some tips how to get clearer skin  :) Hopefully, they are helpful >-<

1.Know your skin type
First of all, you need to know which skin type you have.The reason is that different skin types need different types of care.

Dry Skin: Like the name says,the skin is dry and often sensitive.It needs a lot of hydration.So buy creames with  rich hydrating.

Oily Skin: Your face looks dull and shiny. This type of skin needs oil free products.

Normal Skin: It's not too oily or too dry. You can use regular or normal products.

Combination Skin: Some parts of the skin are normal and some other parts are oily. Commonly it's oily or dry in the T-Zone (nose,forehead and chin).

2.Search for the cause
Of course you want to know why your skin is dry, oily, etc. and fix the matter! Here are some causes.

Dry Skin:
-Aging or hormonal changes
-Weather (Sun,Wind and Cold)
-Tanning (UV rays)
-Long,hot showers

Oily Skin:
-Often it's caused by Puberty
-Too much heat or humidity
-Fast Food!

Combination Skin:
-Hormones or Genetics
-Fast Food

3.Drink Water
Water is the best thing! It keeps the skin hydrated, so that means better skin! Water cleanses the body and gets rid of oil and dirt.

4.Always wash your face before bed.
The produced oil and need to be cleaned before going to bed.BIGGEST MISTAKE: Leaving your make-up on!

5.Clean Eating
Fast Food and Sweets are the most common cause of having bad skin.What you eat shows on your skin! So skip eating Fast Food and Sweets. And try eating more veggies and fruits! 1 1/2 year ago I ate a lot of unhealthy food and it has shown on my skin. (Some pimples and a bit of oily skin)  After I've changed my eating habits, my skin got better and clearer!

6.Use SPF daily
Sunscreen isn't only for summer-your skin needs protection daily! Because of the UV rays. Of course they are non oily sunscreen products,too.

7.Skin Routine:
-Make-Up Remover
-Wash your face with water and a mild cleanser.
- Use an exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells (2-3 times per
- Once a week: A facial mask

8.Limit the dairy products
The animals are fed hormones, these hormones can throw off your hormonal balance. -> Causing break-outs.

Question: What for a skin type do you have?
I have normal skin :) Leave your answers in the comment box below!

I hope these tips will help you! Love,Jenny!

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